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JACKPOT CLASSES will be announced show day!

High Point Divisions Champion and Reserve will be named in each division!

$15 per class       Arena fee: $5 members/$10 nonmembers        $10 stall day rental        $10 overnight parking


Amateur - Classes open to all ages. Excludes Professional Exhibitors. May not sign up for both Amateur and Amateur Select . Amateur Select - Classes open to exhibitors aged 50 or older, excluding Professionals. May not compete in both Amateur Select and Amateur in same show.

EQWD - Equestrians with Disabilities. Points for EQWD will be calculated separately from all other classes.

Open-Classes open to all ages. Open to Professional, Amateur and Amateur Select .

Professional - Any exhibitor who accepts re-numeration for riding, training, showing or more, may compete in Open but may not compete in Amateur classes.

W/T - Classes with this designation are walk and trot classes only. English, Western, Ranch Riding and Trail Classes without this designation are walk, trot and lope.


Halter: Horses are shown in a halter before the judge so that lameness and quality of movement can be evaluated. Horses are judged on balance, structural correctness, breed and sex characteristics and degree of muscling.
Showmanship: Horses are shown in halter. The judge evaluates the showmanship skills of the exhibitor. Judges evaluate the grooming and fitting of the horse and expertise of the exhibitor in presenting the horse. Each exhibitor is required to perform a pattern with emphasis on preciseness of pattern and degree of confidence exhibited by the exhibitor.

Leadline: This class is for children 6 & under. Helmets are required. The horse is led in the ring by an adult or older child. If the rider holds the reins--which is not always the case--the handler is responsible for the actual control of the horse. Riders are judged on equitation at a walk only, and may be asked simple questions about their horse or horsemanship.

English Pleasure: English Pleasure horses give a distinct appearance of being a pleasure to ride and display a pleasurable attitude. They are ridden in English attire at a walk, trot, canter, and hand gallop. English Pleasure horses are judged on manners, performance, attitude, quality and conformation.

Hunter Hack: Requires a horse to move freely and easily while jumping small fences. Horses are shown at a walk, trot and canter along the rail in both directions, and are judged on manners and way of going, on the flat and over fences.

Western Pleasure: Contestants compete on the rail and are asked to walk, jog, lope and reverse the direction of the horse. Horses are evaluated on quality of movement while staying quiet and calm, traveling on a loose rein.

English or Western Equitation: Classes containing this word in the title means that they will be judged on the rider’s skills, form, balance, and control. Contestants compete simultaneously, traveling the perimeter of the arena, and at the discretion of the judge, are asked to walk, jog, lope and reverse the direction of the horse. Judges may factor in rider poise, cleanliness and polish of horse and rider, and proper tack.

Ranch Riding Rail Classes: Contestants compete simultaneously, traveling the perimeter of the arena, and at the discretion of the judge, are asked to walk, jog, lope and reverse the direction of the horse. The horse should reflect the versatility, attitude, and movement of a working horse. The horse's performance should simulate a horse riding outside the confines of an arena and that of a working ranch horse. This class should show the horse's ability to work in a forward, working speed while under control by the rider. Light contact should be rewarded and the horse shall not be shown on a full drape of reins. The overall manners and responsiveness of the horse while performing the maneuver requirements and the horse's quality of movement are the primary considerations.

Ranch Riding: Horses show individually, performing a set pattern. Judges are looking for relaxed, responsive horses with soft and cadenced gaits. The horse should make timely transitions in a smooth and correct manner, and the horse should be soft in the bridle and yield to contact.

Arena Trail: This class is judged on the performance of the horse over obstacles, with emphasis on manners, response to the rider and quality of movement. At least six obstacles will be used, 3 of which are mandatory: opening and passing through a gate, ride over at least 4 logs or poles, and a backing obstacle. Other obstacles may include but are not limited to, carry object from one place to another, ride over wooden bridge, put on and remove slicker, remove and replace objects from mailbox, and a sidepass obstacle.



  • A Champion and Reserve will be named in each of the following Divisions with an award being given to each: Showmanship, English, Western, Ranch Riding, Trail, Equestrians with Disabilities (EQWD) and Driving

  • Exhibitors must compete in at least 2 of the 3 shows in the series to qualify for award.

  • Points will be given to the top 6 riders in the class based upon the number of total riders in the class. Example: 6 riders in class -1st (6 pts), 2nd (5 pts) etc. Example: 3 riders in class - 1st (3 pts) 2nd (2 pts) 3rd (1 pt) Example: 7 riders in class – 1st (7 pts, 2nd (6 pts) 3rd(5 pts) 4th (4 pts) 5th (3 pts) 6th (2 pts.) 7th (0 pts).

  • High Points are earned on horse/rider combination throughout the series