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Beginning Ranch Riding

This clinic is for the novice ranch rider who wants to learn more about what the sport is all about, but also for the competitive rider in preparation for the All-Breed Horse Show on March 26th at the Chino Valley Equestrian Park.  Learn what the judges are looking for when competing in Ranch Riding.

March 20, 2022

Diana Goddard

Showmanship Clinic 11:00AM - 12:00PM
$20.00 fee for the Showmanship Clinic if you are not signed up to attend the Beginning Ranch Riding course.  No charge if you are signed up to attend the Beginning Ranch Riding course.

Beginning Ranch Riding 12:00PM – 4:00PM

Class size is limited to 15 students


Audit is $20

For more information on Diane, please visit her website at:

Bio: Diana Goddard offers 30-plus years of equine experience, focusing on coaching beginners through accomplished horsemen. Her confidence-building programs help riders of all ages and abilities become more capable riders. Diana works closely with the horse and rider to develop a strong partnership, enabling both to reach their potential. Disciplines include Western Pleasure and Horsemanship, Trail, Ranch Riding, and English Pleasure and Equitation, and showing techniques. Diana has shown on the National and World level with Appaloosas, Paints, and Quarter Horses.

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