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Saturday April 1,



Please join us for a Fun Day at the Chino Valley Equestrian Park
on Saturday, April 1
, 2023 from 10AM until 1 PM.


This is an opportunity to share our collective love of horses and celebrate the art of playing with them in a casual and supportive atmosphere. This is not a competition per se but more of a mock schooling show. A judge(s) will offer each participant the prize of valuable feedback to help with our play, connection and communication with horses.

We will have a space set up in the warm up arena for participants to go one-at-a-time to play with their horse at Liberty or on a lead line (In Hand), if you prefer.

There will be a Pattern Class (see attached) that will be the same for everyone. If time allows, we will also have an Obstacles Class (attached), where you can choose your routine while incorporating a few required elements. Our hope is to give you a fun experience to prepare for future Show Classes or to just expose you and your horse to something different than our usual Liberty classes.

The cost for the event is: 
Arena Usage Fee per Participant $10 All proceeds for the event go to benefit CVEP.

We will have a few nice horse-related items available through our raffle. Tickets for the raffle are $1 each.
If you have something to donate for the raffle, please let us know and we thank you for your generosity.

This is the first event of its kind in Chino Valley and we need your participation and support to kick things off. We’re making it a potluck event where you can bring a dish of your choice for all attendees to graze in the shade throughout the day. Drinks, plates, utensils and tables will be available.

We will need a few volunteers and would appreciate all the help that we can get. Volunteer duties may include:
Helping with registrations and collecting payments on the day of the event
Helping with arena setup and tear-down
Overseeing the Raffle by selling tickets and distributing the prizes to the winners during our midday break
Helping with the potluck set up and service
Callers – you will call the pattern to the participant while they are in the Pattern Class
Flaggers – these are folks stationed around the outside of the liberty space to help any horse that leaves its owner during a class and can’t seem to find their way back. You will only use your flag to let the horse know that his safest place to be is with his owner.

Please Invite anyone that may be interested in watching and of course, invite all of your supporters if you choose to participate. There is no cost to watch. CVEP always appreciates donations of any amount. Let us know what you will be bringing to the potluck so that we can fill in any possible gaps.

RSVP to volunteer, to donate raffle item and to inform us of your potluck contributions::
Trudy Ruth

RSVP to register to participate in the Classes with your horse/mule/mini on April 1st: Sara Chambers

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