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Open Riding

Chino Valley Equestrian Park
For dates and times please refer to the Event Calendar

Premier Members-Free


One Time Guest Fee-$10.00

Woman on Galloping Horse



  1. All trailers need to park EAST of the warm up arena or NORTH of the main arena. No parking is allowed in the road or next to the area as these areas are used as emergency access.

  2. No vehicles are allowed in between arenas, except for loading and unloading equipment, and them must be moved immediately.

  3. Horses are NOT ALLOWED between the two arenas in the Pedestrian Parkway.This is for your safety.

  4. Do not use tables for mounting blocks.Horses are not allowed near them.

  5. NO tying horses to ANY fences.

  6. Please clean up your horse’s manure.

  7. No hosing horses off at the water spigots.The clay dirt is terrible and just makes sucky mud puddles.Use your buckets and sponges.

  8. No letting horses inside the barriers around water spigots.

  9. Please be mindful of the trees we are growing for eventual shade.DO NOT LET YOUR HOSES EAT THE TREES.

  10. No horses are allowed to run at liberty before, during or after open riding.The risk of having another horse become agitated and cause injury to themselves or to other is s is too great.

  11. Lunging is only allowed in the warm up arena. The horse owner must be alert to how their horses behavior or speed is affecting other horses in the warm up and main arenas.

  12. Trainers are welcome to work with individuals in the warm up arena, but are not allowed to monopolize the arena or prevent other riders from riding their horses during open riding.

  13. Riders are allowed to work their horse in-hand in either arena during open riding.

Open Riding January 23, 2022

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